Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Gifts and Late CNY Celebration

This past weekend we attended our local Families with Children from China Chinese New Year get together.  Last year the event was held shortly after we got our referral so everyone was pretty excited to see Ariana in person. At first she was a little intimidated by the crowd, but before long she was leading the older girls around.

She even loved the dragon parade! Every year they lay down tons of bubble wrap to simulate the sound of firecrackers and she had a ball stomping on it.  The pictures don't do the dragon justice as it's made from a very beautiful silk one of the families brought back with them.

Thursday we opened the mail to find some adorable bows from Mia!  Her mommy also sent a template so my creations aren't so lopsided.  Thanks Gina!

Our friends the K's gave us a Lamb Chop puppet.  If you are as old as me you might remember his TV show. It has a voice box and we're pretty sure Ariana thinks it's alive.  So cute.

My fabulous cousin Brice was in town and helped me get ready for the party!

These three beauties are all former students of mine.  Ariana really took to them.

Now, if only my hair would grow!

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  1. I love Lamb Chop!
    Glad you got the bows, now you will be addicted too.